Overcome your fears and accelerate your Spanish conversation skills.

I can help you feel relaxed, positive and confident with your spoken Spanish through fun and inspiring coaching sessions and programs.

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So many of my students have told me this and you’ll probably relate with the situation…

You love visiting Spain and Spanish speaking Countries.

You love the culture, the vibe, the music and the food,… but you wish you could interact with locals more effortlessly.

You know what it’s like… you’ve studied the menu, practiced your response and the pronunciation in your head, but as soon as the waiter asks “Qué quieres?” your mind goes blank…

A mild panic sets in and your brain starts to overthink. OMG you don’t want to get this wrong or sound robotic…..and you’re only ordering tapas! You wish you had the confidence and skills to do this more naturally!

Hi, I’m Blanca and I’ve been helping English speakers to feel confident learning authentic Spanish for over 10 years, helping them to communicate with ease. Simple as that.

I have always been passionate about languages and helping people bridge communication gaps: I have traveled extensively and in my career I’ve always worked in industries where CONNECTING with people has been essential.

I graduated in Humanities from The University of Navarra and I am a certified Spanish teacher specializing in English speaking learners.

I have lived in several different European Countries (I now live in the UK, with my English husband and young family) so I really understand how frustrating it can be to get blank when you try to speak your target language.

I can help you feel relaxed, positive and confident with your spoken Spanish.

Sharpen your ear and train your pronunciation with my “Make it real” system.

Have fun, feel inspired and speak Spanish through my confidence boosting active listening programme, pronunciation training and dedicated coaching and tuition sessions. Remember: I’m native so I only use real authentic learning materials.

It’s all about confidence, motivation and mindset.

Create your own little Spanish immersion from home.

WorkBook para pronunciación

Learn through 5 interactive listening exercises and scripts that focus on connected speech and word endings.

It will dramatically improve your pronunciation, boost your confidence and sharpen your listening skills.

You will sound natural and understand natives!

Conversation Boost programme

A 3 week programme where you learn to speak Real Spanish while exploring Spanish culture and interesting topics through active listening.

This programme is brilliant for adult learners who have a passion for Spanish language / food / culture and who want to express themselves clearly and confidently in REAL Spanish.

You won’t be overwhelmed with tons of learning material AND you will have plenty of time to think about each task.

Over the course of the “asynchronous” programme you will get feedback and a final 1:1 session with me.

Ponte en contacto:

Spanish Intensive Course

Join me for a never to be forgotten week long Spanish learning experience in the beautiful and historic medieval city of Pamplona in the north of SPAIN.

Immerse yourself in the language, culture and vibe here in the heart of the Kingdom of Navarra, in the Camino de Santiago and near gorgeous San Sebastian.

My students tell you about their experience:

Have enjoyed Blanca’s personable, fun, energetic, and very relevant Spanish courses! I look forward to and recommend them for you💕
Pam (US)
Blanca es una excelente maestra, es muy flexible con mis necesidades como estudiante, pero al mismo tiempo sabe lo que quiere que aprenda, mis debilidades en español, y se las arregla para practicar estos temas difíciles para mí durante nuestras lecciones... También es muy importante (¡y útil para mí!) que Blanca sea una persona amable, cálida y divertida, ¡y estoy muy feliz de tenerla como mi profesora de español!
Marina Magazzinik
Blanca has wonderful energy and comes to class prepared to flow through the pillars of writing, reading, talking, and listening. Class is never boring. You will be left with motivation to continue your Spanish learning journey because you will see results. There is no judgment and no stress. Blanca is a superstar and she wants you to be a superstar too!!! ¡Vamos!
Carolyne (New Jersey)
Blanca is inspirational and adjusts seamlessly to each student's ability and level, making you feel at home right away. She adjusts the levels of vocab or grammar correction versus "go with the flow" to whatever suits you, and has a huge repertoire of ideas and a variety of things to do. You will soon feel like a personal friend, and will get out of it as much as you can put in.
Graham Arthur (Scotland)
Señora Blanca has all the elements of an outstanding teacher….intelligence, experience, patience, and a passion for her profession. I have had the privilege of being her pupil for two years and my ability to read…write…..and speak Spanish has improved exponentially.
Louis Carideo (US)
I love my weekly lessons with Blanca - she is a great teacher, goes at just the right pace for me (not too fast, not too slow) and makes the learning fun! I know I'm improving because of her (and I've tried soooo many ways to learn Spanish before without much success). She is brilliant!!
Kevin (New Zealand)
I have been learning Spanish with Blanca for almost 2 years now. I thoroughly enjoy our lessons and always find her so encouraging and helpful. She finds such interesting articles and exercises for me to do which helps keep the brain ticking over.
Elise Potter (England)

I can help you learn Spanish in a safe and friendly environment

Feel supported, confident and inspired.

Do you want a taster of my method?

Free video course: “Directo a la Ñ tu primer menú del día”

Through my primeros, segundos and postre you will be introduced to: Spanish INTONATION, REAL expressions and colloquialisms, things we do with sounds, endings or linking words… to help you understand natives in a real context.

Useful tips to help change your MINDSET and help you get immersed in the Spanish language.

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