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We are going to learn some fantastic examples for picar and picarse in Spanish. It’s so USEFUL for your Spanish conversations, for all levels 🙂  Examples and uses for your conversation are in the infographic below.

Spanish people use these expressions (a lot) in many different contexts. You can sound like a native 😀

Among other things PICAR means to chop, to nibble on (colloquial), to sting, to bite, to itch, to needle (colloquial) …see? How cool are you going to sound using these! 🙂 

You can also sound like a native if you check this link. Don’t forget to practise with my mini pinchos the autumnal vocabulary 😉



9 Useful Uses Picar Picarse Spanish

Picar and picarse for conversation in Spanish



MINI PINCHO (mini video lesson) about this:


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