VENGA: an essential word in daily Spanish communication

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Since I started teaching Spanish 6 years ago, my students have always asked me about the word VENGA, it’s meaning and when to use it. You guys know that we say VENGA very often, like vale, bueno, pues etc. This will help you a lot, yay! 


Today I’m sharing with you this infographic about VENGA and my 59 second video «Mini pincho» covering the subject 🙂


VENGA has different uses depending on the context and intonation.

VENGA is a filler or pet word, therefore it is extremely useful for your Spanish conversation. It’s very expressive and easy to use once you know the meanings and different contexts, I promise  😀


As a reminder, VENGA  is a form of the verb Venir (to come) and it could be:

-Presente del subjuntivo: No creo que mi padre VENGA a la boda

-Imperativo: VENGA señor, tome asiento.


Today we are talking about these 7 different uses for venga:


Sometimes we could translate it as all right, ok, come on…

—–> Check my 59 second lesson, my «mini pincho» 😀




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